Vocational Education and Training

As part of your senior schooling, you are now able to study courses that not only contribute towards your VCE, VCAL and ATAR (with certain restrictions), but also give you an industry recognised qualification when you complete that course.

The courses are called Vocational Courses and can be studied at school or through another Registered Training Organisation such as TAFE.

These Vocational courses form part of the Australian Qualifications Framework. This is the national standard of training and means that a qualification you receive here, is recognised anywhere in Australia. The courses are also "Competency Based" - this means that you move through the course and achieve the relevant qualification by demonstrating that you have the knowledge and can perform the skills required for that qualification. So, the faster you can learn and demonstrate these, the quicker you can complete the qualification.

There are courses available in:

# Agriculture
# Applied Fashion Design & Technology
# Automotive
# Building & Construction
# Business *
# Cisco
# Community Services *
# Conservation & Land Management
# Dance *
# Desktop Publishing & Printing
# Electrotechnology *
# Engineering Studies *
# Equine Industry *
# Financial Services *
# Food Processing (Wine)
# Furnishing *
# Horticulture
# Hospitality *
# Information Technology *
# Interactive Digital Media *
# Laboratory Skills *
# Music *
# Small Business
# Sport & Recreation *

Note: Courses with an Asterix (*) offer a scored assessment.

These courses also involve undertaking "Structured Workplace Learning" where you will take part in a work placement related to your course industry area.

You can also search for available Structured Workplace Learning placements here .

Non VCE/VET Programs - Block Credit:

Students who undertake Vocation Education and Training qualifications that are not included in the suite of approved VCE VET programs may be eligible for credit towards their VCE. This is called Block Credit recognition. Block Credit recognition is calculated by issuing a unit toward the VCE for every 90 hours of study

Examples of Non VCE/VET programs are:

Animation Video Beauty Services Children's Services
Civil Construction Computer Assembly & Repairs Electrical (Career Start)
Hairdressing Health & Community Care Games creation
Justice Financial Services Plumbing
Residential drafting Retail Make up and Skin Care Hairdressing
Telecommunications Tourism and Events Welding and fabrication

See me if you are interested in studying any of these courses and I will tell you what you have to do. I can also let you know what other courses might be available.

The fantastic thing about all these courses is that not only do they contribute towards your VCE/VCAL (and some will count towards your ATAR depending upon your pattern of study), but you will also gain an nationally recognised industry qualification. This means that if you choose to go to TAFE when you leave school, and continue your study in that same area, you will be deemed to have completed part of that TAFE course already (you did it while still at school!).

Not only that, but employers see that qualification as being very valuable and it can really help you with getting a job.

School Based Apprenticeships and Traineeships:

School Based Apprenticeships and Traineeships (SBAT's) are an Australian Government incentive that enables secondary students to complete a Senior School Certificate while undertaking part time paid employment and completing a nationally recognised qualification. The student must be 15 years of age or over and be a permanent resident of Australia.

Student's wishing to undertake a School Based Apprenticeship or Traineeship has to secure an employer, willing to participate in the program. The VCAA approved industry areas are:

* Agriculture
* Automotive
* Business
* Community Services
* Engineering
* Food Processing - Wine
* Horticulture
* Hospitality
* Information Technology
* Sport and Recreation

For information on School Based Traineeships and Apprenticeships, click here.